Force Charged Strike (English)

Saturday 13 August 2005
by  Benoît
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This power was attempted by Vader on Luke at the end of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, but Luke used a force point and Absorb/Disipate to nullify it (IMHO). It takes one action for every die of charge before the strike to charge a fist (in Vaders case) or any other striking body part ie foot, knee, elbow, or forehead.

Powers Required : Emptiness or Rage, Absorb/Dissipate Energy

MODERATE : 1D max charge
DIFFICULT : 2D max charge
> 40 : 5D "
> 45 : 6D "
> 50 : 7D "
etc up to Control dice equals damage

Upon a successful hit the damage is delivered. This can also be used with brawling parry. To date Vader is the only known Force character to use this power and is likely the only one to know of it.
Any results due to failure to hit one’s target are unknown. This knowledge likely died with Vader. This data was given to us by Master Skywalker through his short (42pp) treatise on his accounts before the fall of the Empire. It is mentioned there might have been an acompanying red glow at the area of force charge, but Master Skywalker later admitted that he wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating.

- Balbo Iben Surr

Notes : The way this power is set up, usually you would need one round prior to use in order to charge up. Only if you take action durring the same round do the one action per 1D charge matter.

game example: Vader has Luke on his knees and is about to finish him off with a forced charged strike to the head. Vader could charge up to over 10D (his control or so). Of course he would need an outrageous control role and would probibly need a force point to do it. Instead he decides to charge up 5D in his fist, so he needs to role his control above a 40 (not too difficult for Vader). He dedicated all actions for one round to charging and if he needed to perform an action he would be at minus 5D. Next round he punches at Luke (easy brawling role) and by all rights his fist should have gone right through Luke’s head (but Luke got lucky).

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