Gnoms (English)

Sunday 20 March 2005
by  Moi
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Gnoms are humanoids artificially created by the Stellars, in a time when first human genetic manipulation where undertaken. The goal was to enable a longer cerebral growth to enhance cerebral faculties. Unfortunatly, manipulations where followed by a general hormonal malfunction, which ended with physicral atrophy of the test people.


Gnoms suffer from incomplete physical growth, and show small and thick members. However, their crane are enlarged.
Males tend to early loose their hair, while females may present all kind of hair styles, and even colors that human hair don’t have.


Gnoms are almost exclusively found in towns.
The most common habitation is a several-story house with multiple small turrets.

Clothing customs

Among everything, gnoms like useful and comfortable clothes. They usually wear long tunics, sometimes closely looking as robes, of uniform color, with numerous pockets and useful stowage places. Gnomes desprise, generally speaking, people wearing flashy clothes.

Feed habits

Close to th human ones. Hoewever, gnoms usually eat little. They especially like liquid food as soups, tea,...


Gnoms are keen on useful inventions based on mechanincs and architecture. They don’t create art as such, because they always look for a purpose to their creations.
The "useful" purpose is sometimes ridiculous.
Gnoms attach a lot of importance to their inventive mind, and lobbying occurs through patents.

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