Human being (English)

Sunday 20 March 2005
by  Moi
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Leader of the Humanoids, The human being came to Altaride to colonize it little time before the Bloody Apocalypse. It developped its colonies with surnatural velocity. Since then, it has remained the master of the greatest part of the cities and is still the major part of the population through out the world.


Between one point six and two meters, the human being is usually tall enough to tower all of his partners.


Human being are city dwellers, and gather into towns. However, number of stubborn people go on continue living into innumerable burg, often defenceless.

Clothing customs

The human being wears numerous type of clothes, and views the price of his clothing as a demonstration of his social status.

Feeding habits

Fruits, meats and seafood are mixed into is cooking, and his recipes are famous even among the other races, as long as they don’t violate taboos.


Human dancers are weel appreciated througout Altaride, often dancing on several and various instruments.

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