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Policies of the association (English)

Saturday 5 March 2005, by Cédric

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La Guilde d’Altaride

The Policies

Policies of the association La Guilde d’Altaride

The policies of the association is dedicated to the description of its practical running, in the framework provided for in the statutes.

Being a member of this association implies the commitment of repecting the rules of the statutes and of the policies, as well as the possible payment for an annual subscription. Annual subscription costs are set by these policies, in the cases mentioned in the statutes.

The policies state the whole of the parties obligations. Thus, no document will imply any obligation, unless it is considered in the framework of a new set of policies.

The policies may be modified by the Board of Directors, with amendment and/or ratification from the General Meeting.

Article #1 - Committee

The Committee of the Board of Directors directs and follows the actions led by the Commisions. It makes the decisions of general interests and manages the budget of the association. It gives the Board of Directors an account of its decisions and actions. These accounts take place in the Board of Directors meetings, which are held at least twice a year, on an agenda given to its members by the Secretary.

Article #2 - Board of Directors

The Board of Directors approves the directions suggested by The Committee and coordinates the actions decided by the Committee. It gives the association members an account of the decisions and of the budget management during the General Meetings.
The Board of Directors names the Committee and the leaders of the Commissions.

Article #3 - Commissions

The Commissions, created by the Board of Directors, are constituted of their leaders (named by the Board of Directors among active members, honour members and benefactor members) and of the members coopted by Commissions leaders. This cooptation has to be approved by the Board of Directors.
Each Commission submits actions and contributions to the Board of Directors and leads the decided actions.

Article #4 - Subscriptions

- 0€ : passive member.
- 10€ : active member (with possibility for new active members to pay their first subscription only 5€, in case they join the association after the end of the first semester business).
- 20€ or more : benefactor member.
Subscription is optional for honour members.
- Permanent members are not exempted from subscription and must pay an annual amount of at least 10€.

Subscriptions are not subject to taxes.

Article #5 - Respect

Members have to respect each other, including in the framework of Internet activities such as forums, chats and other interactive interfaces.

Article #6 - Damage and loss

Any material belonging to the association that would come to be damaged or lost will have to be replaced at the person at fault ’s expenses.

Article #7 - Failure to respect

The failure to respect these policies will lead to sanctions, from warning to exclusion.

Article #8 - Exceptions

Any exception to the set of policies will have to be stamped by the Board of Directors members.

Article #9 - Other

In the case of a problem which has not been considered through this set of policies, the Board of Directors reserves the right to decide of each case individually.

Article #10 - Intellectual property

Any technical, artistic or other contribution to the association remains the property of its author, who gives the rights of user to the association. These contributions must be validated by a written contract between the author and the association. However, the author keeps also his/her rights of user for his/her own purposes.


Permanent members

Permanent members are :

- Laborde Boutet Cédric, founder
- Cherel Benoît, founder
- Bouissou Damien, founder
- Gervaise Éric
- Grasset Guillaume
- Do Michaël



Article #1

Commissions created by the Board of Directors are :

  1. Altarian DouHar Commission
  2. Illustrations Commission
  3. Internet Commission
  4. Games organisation Commission
  5. Rules Commission
  6. Scenarios Commission
  7. World of Altaride Commission

Article #2 - Altarian DouHar Commission

Aims : developping the rules of the card game related to the world of Altaride, managing illustrations businesses, design and edition of the cards, tests of the card game, organisation of games and tournaments, online playing, cards creation, and other activities related to the card game Altarian DouHar.

Article #3 - Illustrations Commission

Aims : deepening the world of Altaride through illustrations, gathering the pictures of Altaride, contacting and managing illustrators.

Article #4 - Internet Commission

Aims : supervising of Myth of Altaride website and forums, develde la structure en ligne des forums et du site Internet, developping communication devices between members, online displays of information regarding the world of Altaride, sending of the Chronicles of Altaride newsletter, technical administration and maintenance, choice of host and servers.

Article #5 - Games organisation Commission

Aims : organising role playing games, registering the game masters and players of the association, training of new game masters and players, providing help and tutorials, answering to the questions related to the games.

Article #6 - Rules Commission

Aims : developping the rules of Myth of Altaride RPG, writing the book of rules, tests of the rules, integrating illustrations and other contributions in the book of rules (scenarios, help, etc.)

Article #7 - Scenarios Commission

Aims : writing and page setup of scenarios, consideration of the players’ feedback, managing the relations with scenarios authors.

Article #8 - World of Altaride Commission

Aims : deepening the world of Altaride’s description, coordinating the articles and managing the relations among the authors of articles related to the world of Altaride.


Basic behaviour rules on La Guilde d’Altaride association websites agree with the principles explained in the Nettiquette.

""Netiquette" is network etiquette, the do’s and don’ts of online communication. Netiquette covers both common courtesy online and the informal "rules of the road" of cyberspace."

These rules are in agreement with the general "don’t be an asshole" rules mentioned on Elftown.