The legend of the Ancient Gods (English)

Saturday 2 April 2005
by  Cédric
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The legend says that the Ancient Gods created the world of Altaride to live in, in the First Age. After an intense period of inventive construction, the satisfaction of having achieved the realisation of an ideal place came...

Then, the Ancient Gods decided to bring beings to this new world, so that they could build an ideal society in this magnificent setting. These people would share the Gods’ features, aspects, feelings, aims, qualities and failings...
These folks lived in harmony, in a peaceful organisation. They were filled with the joy of discovering Altaride’s marvels, and were given gifts from the Ancient Gods. These gifts allowed the people to achieve things that imagination barely conceives. Thanks to the Ancient Gods, the people of Altaride developped themselves into a prosperous civilisation, in the Second Age.

Unfortunately, the wish of the Ancient Gods was shattered by a huge cataclysm...

The Demons, terrible and fearsome ennemies of the Ancient Gods, came in a massive army with the only aim of erasing life from Altaride’s surface...

The Ancient Gods were caught by surprise in this destroying offensive, and they had almost no chance to face this cataclysmic attack.

The only way to avoid Altaride’s utter destruction was self-banishing from the world... With the Ancient Gods disappearance, the Demons armies would fade away with them...

This desperate solution was chosen, and allowed a few survivors to remain living on Altaride...

So ended this period of cruel disasters called The Apocalypse of Blood.

Altaride was in ashes, but the dark clouds that had invaded the sky faded away, letting the remaining survivors to new hopes for a new start.

From the end of the Apocalypse of Blood, almost one thousand years ago, altarian people have been creating a new era on their own, during the Third Age... with only some misty memory remnants of the first ages...

It is said that, in the future, Ancient Gods would return to the world of Altaride to face the Demons one more time, in another Apocalypse... this event is outwardly not believed by the people of Altaride, but it belongs to their secret fears...

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